Friday, December 31, 2010

GoPro Goofin 2010

This isn't exactly art related but I did take all the video and edit the footage so figured I would share

A small sample of the ridiculous amount of clips taken with the GoPro during 2010.

2011 resolution, get away from the gulf coast of Florida and get some better surfing vids. ;)

Thursday, December 30, 2010


I've been digging through all my old photos and stitching up lots of panoramics. many more to come, i'll update this post regularly!
The images link to my flickr page right now but if you want to see where they are on the map, check out

Southern Most Point Road, Key West

Jaco Beach, Costa Rica

Lake Formosa OrlandoHurricane Ridge, Washington

Rialto Beach, Washington-Pano

California Nevada State Line-Pano

Cascade Pass, Washington-Pano
Grand Canyon 1-Pano

Hubbard Glacier, Yukatat Bay 180 Panoramic

Hubbard Glacier Icebergs

Sunset Ybor Rooftop
Las Vegas-View From Paris Hotel-Pano

Dresden LOW RES

RiverBend Jupiter

Jupiter Inlet

Gardens Mall Pano-8k

Puerto Rico Rainforest-360-Pano-8k

Lugano Switzerland

Alaska Juneau-Pano-8k

Friday, December 3, 2010

SkySnake Concept for

Something I did a few months ago. for
I love that site. Lots of really fun challenges. Hoping to have time to do more of them soon!