Friday, December 31, 2010

GoPro Goofin 2010

This isn't exactly art related but I did take all the video and edit the footage so figured I would share

A small sample of the ridiculous amount of clips taken with the GoPro during 2010.

2011 resolution, get away from the gulf coast of Florida and get some better surfing vids. ;)

Thursday, December 30, 2010


I've been digging through all my old photos and stitching up lots of panoramics. many more to come, i'll update this post regularly!
The images link to my flickr page right now but if you want to see where they are on the map, check out

Southern Most Point Road, Key West

Jaco Beach, Costa Rica

Lake Formosa OrlandoHurricane Ridge, Washington

Rialto Beach, Washington-Pano

California Nevada State Line-Pano

Cascade Pass, Washington-Pano
Grand Canyon 1-Pano

Hubbard Glacier, Yukatat Bay 180 Panoramic

Hubbard Glacier Icebergs

Sunset Ybor Rooftop
Las Vegas-View From Paris Hotel-Pano

Dresden LOW RES

RiverBend Jupiter

Jupiter Inlet

Gardens Mall Pano-8k

Puerto Rico Rainforest-360-Pano-8k

Lugano Switzerland

Alaska Juneau-Pano-8k

Friday, December 3, 2010

SkySnake Concept for

Something I did a few months ago. for
I love that site. Lots of really fun challenges. Hoping to have time to do more of them soon!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Digital Set Replacement

Scene was match moved, then entire background and contestant podiums were recreated in 3d studio max and rendered with vray. keying and roto done in after effects.

wide one 078

gameshow set v1-5




wide two 64

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Renders in Use!!!

Saw a few images I made at Lowes.

Renders in Use!!!, originally uploaded by gordontarpley.

Bathroom SET
This is the actual image. This was done about 4 years ago but was one of my better images at the time.
Everything was modeled in 3d Studio Max with the exception of the shower unit, which was supplied by tthe client and made in Pro Engineer, sent to us and merged into 3d studio max using Npower translator.

I was most proud of the "Rain Glass". The client sent us a physical sample to use for reference and it took lots of experimenting to get my material to match perfectly. Unfortunately it appears they didn't use the detail shot on their packaging. Bummer!
Bathroom SET Handle and Glass Detaill

Bathroom SET Shelves Detail

Bathroom SET Foot Rest Detail

There were actually a few more packages with my images on them. I'll update this post with them when I find my original versions.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Photoshop Doodles/Studies

Quick doodles/landscape studies drawn from reference images using wacom tablet and photoshop

Mountain Study 3

BR mountain study 1

BR mountain study 2

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Zbrush Picture Frame

This was something done really quickly for work. The frames would be all the way across a room from the camera so i didn't go all out with the detail, just enough to give an impression of carved frames. The actual final frames used in the scene had a few more details added as a bump map in 3ds max but were so far from the camera and eventually tiny in the render that this ended up working nicely.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Haunted Chateau Matte Painting

another older work done almost 2 years ago. this one is all photo manipulation and some light hand painting to create some details such as holes in the roof with rafters showing and reflections on windows and a few hand painted reflections as highlights here and there...

Quick build-up of my Haunted Chateau matte painting done for April, 2009 Matte Painting Challenge.

CGChannel April 2010 Matte Painting

Another one being posted out-of-order. someday i'll be all caught up and my posts will become chronological... maybe i can change the date on this or something..

This is my (winning!) entry for April 2010 matte painting challenge themed "Alice in wonderland"
my work-in-progress forum is here

CGChannel April 2010 Matte Painting, originally uploaded by gordontarpley.

here's the vid of the entire process squished down into about 20 minutes
i didn't add a soundtrack so if you feel like watching the whole thing i'd recommend logging onto or something similar and get some tunes playing!


CGChannel September Matte Painting Challenge

Based on the time constraints, I'm probably getting in a little over my head with this one. I've got some plans to work out still with a few elements which right now seem like the method of execution may be slightly convoluted. I'll see if I can work out something better and try to explain it all when I'm finished.

This vid is still a work in progress but I'm putting it at the top of this post because as I progress with this I'll be replacing this video with whatever the most up-to-date version is...
better to watch full screen btw.

Barad Dur WIP V1, originally uploaded by gordontarpley.
This month's challenge is lord of the rings themed. this is my early verion. still quite a long way to go. this challenge will include an animated camera or two that i'll post up here by early next month. more updates to come!

really quick, VERY low res test render to see what i'll need to cover with my matte painting.
big chunk of mountains missing and some problems with projection on a few object right now but i have those parts broken out for individual projection for the final....
should have better update soon!

Mostly modeled in 3ds max but i've been using zbrush for rocks and some of the smaller details. still going with this but most likely won't need to model too much higher than what's seen here. only the base will be visible in the matte painting... more soon!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Port Matte Painting

Submitted Final
Port Final
took on a little too much this month and didn't have the time to give this the TLC it deserved but overall, not the worst thing I've made so I'll go ahead and post it!

Port Concept 1, originally uploaded by gordontarpley. Matte Painting Concept/Work-in-Progress,

here's a quick concept made by doing a paintover of a photo i found online. another challenge concept for matte painting challenge.

Got some weirdness from the debut screen recorder. of the many many videos i've made with this program this is the first time i've had an issue. fortunately it messes up an area that is pretty boring anyway so most of the work was still captured

I'll update this post as i progress with this image

Struggle-No Time for Love

Final (and winning!) submission for the digital sculpting challenge for August 2010

Struggle FINAL-wip- FR

Low res test. i'll be rendering more frames for this over the weekend but i need to processors for work right now. probably updated sunday night..

done for august, 2010 digital sculpting challenge titled "struggle"
work in progress thread here...


done for august, 2010 digital sculpting challenge titled "struggle"
there's still quite a few things to fix here and the wings will be completely redone at my earliest opportunity. vid will be updated in a few weeks most likely

this is the start of the upgrade to the wings for the character in my last post. i should have a second part to this vid tomorrow, or i'll add it onto the end of this and reupload... or something.. we'll see. ;)

Work in Progress, originally uploaded by gordontarpley. digital sculpting Work-in-Progress, I'll update this post as i progress with this image

Work in Progress Sculpt

WIP Update 1