Thursday, September 23, 2010

CGChannel September Matte Painting Challenge

Based on the time constraints, I'm probably getting in a little over my head with this one. I've got some plans to work out still with a few elements which right now seem like the method of execution may be slightly convoluted. I'll see if I can work out something better and try to explain it all when I'm finished.

This vid is still a work in progress but I'm putting it at the top of this post because as I progress with this I'll be replacing this video with whatever the most up-to-date version is...
better to watch full screen btw.

Barad Dur WIP V1, originally uploaded by gordontarpley.
This month's challenge is lord of the rings themed. this is my early verion. still quite a long way to go. this challenge will include an animated camera or two that i'll post up here by early next month. more updates to come!

really quick, VERY low res test render to see what i'll need to cover with my matte painting.
big chunk of mountains missing and some problems with projection on a few object right now but i have those parts broken out for individual projection for the final....
should have better update soon!

Mostly modeled in 3ds max but i've been using zbrush for rocks and some of the smaller details. still going with this but most likely won't need to model too much higher than what's seen here. only the base will be visible in the matte painting... more soon!

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