Sunday, November 21, 2010

Renders in Use!!!

Saw a few images I made at Lowes.

Renders in Use!!!, originally uploaded by gordontarpley.

Bathroom SET
This is the actual image. This was done about 4 years ago but was one of my better images at the time.
Everything was modeled in 3d Studio Max with the exception of the shower unit, which was supplied by tthe client and made in Pro Engineer, sent to us and merged into 3d studio max using Npower translator.

I was most proud of the "Rain Glass". The client sent us a physical sample to use for reference and it took lots of experimenting to get my material to match perfectly. Unfortunately it appears they didn't use the detail shot on their packaging. Bummer!
Bathroom SET Handle and Glass Detaill

Bathroom SET Shelves Detail

Bathroom SET Foot Rest Detail

There were actually a few more packages with my images on them. I'll update this post with them when I find my original versions.

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