Wednesday, March 16, 2011

LEGO Star Wars III - "CHARGE" TV Spot

This is a Lego Star Wars III commercial I got to work on.
Being that I am a HUGE Star Wars fan this has been one of my favorite projects.
Thanks to Chris and Chad from The Core LA for hiring me for the job and David Luong for recommending me. Also, thanks to LucasArts for posting this on youtube! 

BTW, looks better set to HD and full screen! 

For this project I did the matte painting, projection mapping and environment modeling.

Star Wars Charge Spot

Here are a few photos I took while working on the project

I'll updated this post with some making-of and some screen shots ASAP.


Desk-Star Wars Lego In-Progress


Droid Army Desert Matte V1


  1. wow....just wow! these are beautiful Gordon!

  2. The Droid Army Desert is near perfect, though I'd like to see a bit of haze in the distance.

  3. wow, super good stuff!! congrats!