Saturday, August 21, 2010

Struggle-No Time for Love

Final (and winning!) submission for the digital sculpting challenge for August 2010

Struggle FINAL-wip- FR

Low res test. i'll be rendering more frames for this over the weekend but i need to processors for work right now. probably updated sunday night..

done for august, 2010 digital sculpting challenge titled "struggle"
work in progress thread here...


done for august, 2010 digital sculpting challenge titled "struggle"
there's still quite a few things to fix here and the wings will be completely redone at my earliest opportunity. vid will be updated in a few weeks most likely

this is the start of the upgrade to the wings for the character in my last post. i should have a second part to this vid tomorrow, or i'll add it onto the end of this and reupload... or something.. we'll see. ;)

Work in Progress, originally uploaded by gordontarpley. digital sculpting Work-in-Progress, I'll update this post as i progress with this image

Work in Progress Sculpt

WIP Update 1

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